Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Alpha State - Part 9 of 9 (End)

Military researchers are learning more about traumatic brain injury.

How to achieve Alpha?

These theories have yet to be scientifically proven and tenets are still in its infancy. Yet I have found significant success in applying the following exercises to achieve Alpha which are as follows:

Day 1: Make yourself busy and productive by working or reading. Just sleep 4        hours and awake early at a designated time. Whenever you find yourself falling asleep, walk around, pick-up a book and continue reading and being mentally active.

Day 2: Fight your sleepiness during the day. Keep yourself busy. Work, do chores, prepare reports, do things you love to do and most important of all read. Drink lots of liquids. Preferably, you must work until the sleepiness ends. Read or do some other forms of mental activity. Most of all fight sleep to the point of falling asleep. Sleep 3 ½ hours on day two.

Day 3: You will experience mental clarity. All senses are enhanced. Your eyes and mind are open. You are still in a state of mental struggle. This is where your mind is working overtime to compensate your body’s perceived tiredness. Keep busy working, reading and keep your body moving. Avoid television. Sleep 3 hours.

Day 4:  Your mind now is sharp, focused and undisturbed. Continue working and reading. Drink lots of liquids. Keep busy. Fight sleep. Do mental exercises like math problems, IQ tests and complex mind exercises. Find a topic of interest and write down your opinions, views and come up with solutions. Sleep 2 ½ hours.

Day 5:  You are no longer sleepy. You can control sleep. Rest for 30 mins. at a time. Continue working and reading. Start to write down your thoughts. Go outside and get inspiration from nature. Look around you and see the beauty of this world. Start thinking positive thoughts. Ask why things are the way they are in your mind. Drink lots of liquids. “First things first, but not necessarily in that order.” Prioritize, but adjust to crisis and changing situations.

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