Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Alpha State - Part 6 of 9

Needs, Wants & Values

Our thoughts and thinking, who we are, are influenced by our needs, wants and values.

Needs are things that we have to have in the present which includes food, clothing, shelter and communication. Everything that has ever been invented stemmed from a need or an innovation of that. We are live in nature so we have to adopt to it. Our food was created according to whatever there is in our environment. In the east, their food is mostly from eastern produce and ingredients and the same goes for the west. Clothing is sourced out from available materials. Shelter is an innovation on how to live in otherwise unlivable environments. Communication is our way of keeping in touch to those we know – our friends and family.

Wants are our desires, dreams and aspirations. We derive inspiration on our wants which is yet to come. This is something we want in the future and for our future.

Values is a higher state  of  being. This pertains to something loftier or higher than the physical – what we see, feel and perceive. It is the very core of our being.


A mentor is a guiding influence in your life. He can be a parent, a friend, a boss or a spiritual leader. Find your mentor. He will show you the way to move from achieving your needs to getting your wants and finding out your values.

All the achievers, millionaires and successful people in the world have mentors. No one is born a leader, but can be developed into one. Someone or somebody somehow must have influenced and trained him.