Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Alpha State - Part 5 of 9

What is experienced in the Alpha: physical change, heightened awareness, intellectual prowess, clarity of thought, physical will, state of grace, understanding of the universe, unlimited spirit, courage, fortitude and resolve.
1)      Physical Change – Your Aura is stronger and your face is “Aglow”. You begin to appreciate your body and become conscious of it. There is a tendency to physically change, look younger and have boundless energy.
2)      Heightened Awareness – Knowing your role and purpose in life and part in the universe. You are able to explain why things are the way they are; reason for things that you before could not understand.
3)   Intellectual Prowess – IQ and EQ is increase ten-fold.Your mind is clear and   precise. Creativity, memory and speech reach unlimited potential and  possibilities. Reading and comprehension is precise, exact and retained.       Complex problems can be solved without much effort or thought.
4)      Clarity of Thought – You will be able to think straight, set goals and plan well. There is direction and focus to your actions.    
5)      Physical Will – Mind now conquers matter. It is as if one is in a trance-like state, able to control the body and its parts at will.
6)      State of Grace – A sense of a Higher Being or God watching and guiding. A need for cleansing and healing, A light feeling of being renewed or reborn.
7)      Understanding of the Universe – Nothings happens by accident. What you experience now whether good or bad is part of a bigger plan just waiting to happen. Nature’s secrets are revealed. Mental gifts such as ESP, telepathy, clairvoyance and healing is possible. Communion and harmony with all living things.
8)       Unlimited Spirit – You are inspired by what you do.    Your spirit is unbroken whatever the odds. You fight the good fight until the end.
9)   Courage, Fortitude & Resolve – Decisions are made by Yes’s and No’s. No  grey areas once decided. You become an immovable object against the   travails of life and its intricacies.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Alpha State - Part 4

The Alpha State
People in the Alpha get little or no sleep. On the average 2 to 3 hour intervals twice a day or power naps all throughout the day. To quote Mr. Manny Pangilinan the Chairman of Philippine Long Distance Company (PLDT) in the Philippines, “Sleeping is for wimps.” Why? Our mind or brain is always awake. It is only our physical body that rests. In fact our mind dreams for if it shuts down we die as a result. We live in a world wherein the accepted norm is 8 hours sleep, but not individuals in the Alpha state. They are so busy with what they are doing, creating start-ups, innovating this and inventing that they seem possessed and have no time to sleep.
         What is our perception of sleep? Sleep is defined by Merriam-Webster as “the natural periodic suspension of consciousness during which the powers of the body are restored.” The key word here is “the body”. During Alpha the body takes the back seat. In other words “Mind over matter”. How many stories have we seen of almost superhuman feats in sports -- people who have gone against all odds to achieve the unachievable. Take for example Lance Armstrong the 7 time winner of the Tour de France. He was diagnosed with brain cancer yet he was able to achieve the impossible conquer the Tour de France 7 times. When his doctors told him he would not race again he did not believe them and instead let his mind take over. Not only did he win seven times, he even cured himself of cancer that was killing him. Such is the power of the mind. Others term it as placebo effect.
        In my opinion, our mind or brain can cure all diseases if we have all the necessary tools to do such. If we lack the necessary vitamins, constantly bombarded by stress and never eat the right foods or get the necessary exercise then we will get sick and cannot cure ourselves.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Alpha State - Part 3

The Alpha State - Workings of the Mind
Part 3

Another commonality of people  in  the Alpha  state are  that they are Visionaries people ahead of their time;  people  who have seen  what  is  to come. They are not fortune tellers per se, but people who have seen opportunities, thought and studied them, prepared themselves and grabbed the opportunities that came their way.


The Story of John Gokongwei          
Take the story of  Mr. John Gokongwei the Chairman of the JG Summit Group of companies in the Philippines with estimated assets at around P200 Billion or about $4 Billion; with holdings in foods, telecom, airline, publishing, real estate and banking. Coming from a poor impoverished fishing village in Fujian island in China their family migrated to the Philippines to start a new life. The young Gokongwei having no formal education, but soon went into trading basic commodities like fish and supplies. After less than 80 years he retires a multi-billionare and is listed in Forbes magazine as one of the riches in Asia.
The Story of Mr. Joseph

            Mr. Joseph was still in his early 20s when he set foot on a boat bound for the Philippines. He came from China poor and impoverished. He had no choice, but to leave because of the dire economic circumstance that the country was experiencing at that time. When he arrived in Manila he did not speak a word of Tagalog or English. He found himself doing odd jobs at a local market. One day he befriended a local peanut vendor. At that time peanuts were sold in sacks with their shells intact. He communicated to the Filipino mostly by sign language and by pointing. He convinced the Filipino to loan him the peanuts, open, cook them in oil, sell  and then pay him after. He earned well from this venture. Two Filipinos saw what the young Mr. Joseph was doing so they decided to sell peanuts as well. The two Filipinos soon also made a profit. Mr. Joseph did not change his frugal ways – always saving what money he earned. He remained honest and true with his dealings. On the other hand the two Filipinos soon relaxed with their peanut business and started to buy this and that, to drink and eat here and there. They wanted to double their profits on every sale. Not long after Mr. Joseph was able to save enough to start his own store. While on the other hand the two Filipinos who went into business found themselves bankrupt and not able to continue so they closed shop. Two other Filipinos saw how successful Mr. Joseph was with his store so they also put up their own stores. Mr. Joseph never changed his lifestyle, but kept on saving his money. The 2 Filipinos soon also earned from their stores, but had no discipline with their money. They individually got into gambling, cavorted women and spent their money as if there was no tomorrow. Soon after the 2 Filipino store owners closed their shop and went back to being employed. Mr. Joseph went into a hardware business soon after, into shipping and many businesses. He died a Billionaire.

            Now who do you want to be in this story?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Alpha State - Part 2

The Alpha State - Workings of the Mind
(Part 2)

What are the commonalities of people who tap the Alpha state? Where did they live? What education did they get? Who or what were their major influences? How did they work? Can anyone achieve the Alpha state? These questions will be thoroughly answered in this book.


People who achieve or tap the Alpha state are normal individuals just like you and me. The difference is in the influences, times and environments that they live in. Commonalities include an environment of extreme poverty, political unrest, a pervading universal travesty, and the necessity for change.
Because of the present situation individuals are enjoined to seek a better solution, to change for the better, to find a cure, to surpass the norms, to go higher, jump farther and to achieve what is never thought of as possible. Everything stems from our thoughts.

 What our world is today is a cause of someone’s thoughts. What we eat, drink, wear, live and breath is a result of someone thinking and finding an easier way to do such. Our whole perception of our world is a result of thoughts, collective thinking and shared knowledge. As they say we are what we think. People who have achieved Alpha are normal in any right. They may or may not have had education. But their single most prevalent similarity is the way they think.

What is involved with thinking? Thinking is the combination of the following: Intellectual Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Social Quotient, Political Quotient, Spiritual and Physical Quotient.


1). Intelligence QuotientAn intelligence quotient or IQ is a score derived from a set of standardized tests of intelligence. The subject of IQ becomes debatable because of the heredity versus environment issue. My theories are such that I will begin to highlight the major influences of our environment and debunk  heredity all together.


2). Emotional Quotient - Emotional Intelligence, also called EI and often measured as an Emotional Intelligence Quotient or EQ, describes an ability, capacity, or skill to perceive, assess, and manage the emotions of one's self, of others, and of groups. However, being a relatively new area, the definition of emotional intelligence is still in a state of flux.


3). Social Quotient – Social Intelligence or Social Quotient (SQ) is my terminology for the ability to interact with not only people but animals, nature and all living things we interact with both minute and grandiose.


4).  Political Quotient – Political Quotient is a sub-quotient of SQ pertaining to the understanding of the political situation on a worldwide scale and how each nation is part and parcel of the collective political undertaking.


5).  Spiritual Quotient – Spiritual Quotient is the belief of a God or gods or the creation of such in the mind to lay the tenets to answer pervading questions about  creation and the after-life, and to explain the very essence of our existence.

 6).   Physical Quotient – Physical Quotient is our ability to control, will and instigate our whole physical self for a course of action or reaction to  influence directly or indirectly our environment and ourselves.

The Alpha State - Part 1

The Alpha Explained

The mind or brain has 2 states first, the active, conscious state or Omega and second, the passive, unconscious state or the Alpha. We experience the Omega in our daily everyday lives. When we awake our Alpha state closes down and the Omega takes over. The Omega state is merely 10% of our brain capacity. The Alpha although asleep is 90% of our brain capacity. Why is it that the Omega state is where we spend most of our lives and not utilize the Alpha? The very smart, intellectual and successful beings of this earth are able to tap the Alpha state. Why is this? All of us are equal in this regard. All of us are formed in the mother’s womb in the Alpha state.

What happens? We are fed negative energies, emotions, feelings and physical stimulations and live in different times and circumstance. Our mind being powerful as it is protects itself. It closes down the Alpha for it to forget what it has experienced. Imagine all of your life remembering everything negative that has happened to you; all the hurt, the pain, the anguish of every minute of your life from birth. How horrifying? And so we spend all of our lives living, sleeping, breathing in a state of Omega. Some, however, are able to leave the Omega and go to the Alpha.

I liken this to 5 seeds planted on different environments. The first seed is planted on fertile soil. Being on fertile soil, it will grow and flourish and eventually come to full maturity. The second seed is planted where there is little nourishment or water therefore its growth is stifled and it will not grow as nature had intended. The third seed grew among jagged rocks near a river. The changing water levels eventually kill the sprouting bud and it dies under the intense sun. Some escape the waters but is crushed and choked by the rocks around it. The fourth seed gets no water nor soil nor nourishment and as days pass will just dry up never even seeing the light of day. The fifth seed is planted by a Bonsai practitioner who painstakingly cares for the seed and brings it to full maturity. The priced potted plant is eventually displayed in shows and exhibitions - wins and now is commanding an astoundingly priceless value.

The first seed would be like the average Joe; educated, employed with a modest house and a lifetime of debt. The second seed would be the people living in the far flung regions or indigenous tribes still untouched by the advances in technology and the multitude of inventions and innovations now pervading the very soul of men. The third seed would be the educated, ambitious but misguided individuals of our time. They are geniuses at their own right, but influences around them would lead them astray. They are the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Marcos, Saddam, Bin Laden and other such dictators who had brilliant minds, but were against the mighty river of “People Power” and the jagged edges of human justice.

The fourth seed would be babies who die in the womb or the “innocents” and who succumb  to disease, famine, war, poverty and the cruelties of this world. The fifth seed would be those who have reached the Alpha state; people like Bill Gates now worth over $50 Billion, Mother Theresa who founded Sisters of Charity to benefit the world’s sick and unwanted, and Ophra Winfrey who formed an entertainment empire and became the first black female American worth over $1.5 Billion.