Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Alpha State - Part 5 of 9

What is experienced in the Alpha: physical change, heightened awareness, intellectual prowess, clarity of thought, physical will, state of grace, understanding of the universe, unlimited spirit, courage, fortitude and resolve.
1)      Physical Change – Your Aura is stronger and your face is “Aglow”. You begin to appreciate your body and become conscious of it. There is a tendency to physically change, look younger and have boundless energy.
2)      Heightened Awareness – Knowing your role and purpose in life and part in the universe. You are able to explain why things are the way they are; reason for things that you before could not understand.
3)   Intellectual Prowess – IQ and EQ is increase ten-fold.Your mind is clear and   precise. Creativity, memory and speech reach unlimited potential and  possibilities. Reading and comprehension is precise, exact and retained.       Complex problems can be solved without much effort or thought.
4)      Clarity of Thought – You will be able to think straight, set goals and plan well. There is direction and focus to your actions.    
5)      Physical Will – Mind now conquers matter. It is as if one is in a trance-like state, able to control the body and its parts at will.
6)      State of Grace – A sense of a Higher Being or God watching and guiding. A need for cleansing and healing, A light feeling of being renewed or reborn.
7)      Understanding of the Universe – Nothings happens by accident. What you experience now whether good or bad is part of a bigger plan just waiting to happen. Nature’s secrets are revealed. Mental gifts such as ESP, telepathy, clairvoyance and healing is possible. Communion and harmony with all living things.
8)       Unlimited Spirit – You are inspired by what you do.    Your spirit is unbroken whatever the odds. You fight the good fight until the end.
9)   Courage, Fortitude & Resolve – Decisions are made by Yes’s and No’s. No  grey areas once decided. You become an immovable object against the   travails of life and its intricacies.

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