Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Alpha State - Part 1

The Alpha Explained

The mind or brain has 2 states first, the active, conscious state or Omega and second, the passive, unconscious state or the Alpha. We experience the Omega in our daily everyday lives. When we awake our Alpha state closes down and the Omega takes over. The Omega state is merely 10% of our brain capacity. The Alpha although asleep is 90% of our brain capacity. Why is it that the Omega state is where we spend most of our lives and not utilize the Alpha? The very smart, intellectual and successful beings of this earth are able to tap the Alpha state. Why is this? All of us are equal in this regard. All of us are formed in the mother’s womb in the Alpha state.

What happens? We are fed negative energies, emotions, feelings and physical stimulations and live in different times and circumstance. Our mind being powerful as it is protects itself. It closes down the Alpha for it to forget what it has experienced. Imagine all of your life remembering everything negative that has happened to you; all the hurt, the pain, the anguish of every minute of your life from birth. How horrifying? And so we spend all of our lives living, sleeping, breathing in a state of Omega. Some, however, are able to leave the Omega and go to the Alpha.

I liken this to 5 seeds planted on different environments. The first seed is planted on fertile soil. Being on fertile soil, it will grow and flourish and eventually come to full maturity. The second seed is planted where there is little nourishment or water therefore its growth is stifled and it will not grow as nature had intended. The third seed grew among jagged rocks near a river. The changing water levels eventually kill the sprouting bud and it dies under the intense sun. Some escape the waters but is crushed and choked by the rocks around it. The fourth seed gets no water nor soil nor nourishment and as days pass will just dry up never even seeing the light of day. The fifth seed is planted by a Bonsai practitioner who painstakingly cares for the seed and brings it to full maturity. The priced potted plant is eventually displayed in shows and exhibitions - wins and now is commanding an astoundingly priceless value.

The first seed would be like the average Joe; educated, employed with a modest house and a lifetime of debt. The second seed would be the people living in the far flung regions or indigenous tribes still untouched by the advances in technology and the multitude of inventions and innovations now pervading the very soul of men. The third seed would be the educated, ambitious but misguided individuals of our time. They are geniuses at their own right, but influences around them would lead them astray. They are the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Marcos, Saddam, Bin Laden and other such dictators who had brilliant minds, but were against the mighty river of “People Power” and the jagged edges of human justice.

The fourth seed would be babies who die in the womb or the “innocents” and who succumb  to disease, famine, war, poverty and the cruelties of this world. The fifth seed would be those who have reached the Alpha state; people like Bill Gates now worth over $50 Billion, Mother Theresa who founded Sisters of Charity to benefit the world’s sick and unwanted, and Ophra Winfrey who formed an entertainment empire and became the first black female American worth over $1.5 Billion.

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