Monday, November 26, 2012

The Alpha State - Part 3

The Alpha State - Workings of the Mind
Part 3

Another commonality of people  in  the Alpha  state are  that they are Visionaries people ahead of their time;  people  who have seen  what  is  to come. They are not fortune tellers per se, but people who have seen opportunities, thought and studied them, prepared themselves and grabbed the opportunities that came their way.


The Story of John Gokongwei          
Take the story of  Mr. John Gokongwei the Chairman of the JG Summit Group of companies in the Philippines with estimated assets at around P200 Billion or about $4 Billion; with holdings in foods, telecom, airline, publishing, real estate and banking. Coming from a poor impoverished fishing village in Fujian island in China their family migrated to the Philippines to start a new life. The young Gokongwei having no formal education, but soon went into trading basic commodities like fish and supplies. After less than 80 years he retires a multi-billionare and is listed in Forbes magazine as one of the riches in Asia.
The Story of Mr. Joseph

            Mr. Joseph was still in his early 20s when he set foot on a boat bound for the Philippines. He came from China poor and impoverished. He had no choice, but to leave because of the dire economic circumstance that the country was experiencing at that time. When he arrived in Manila he did not speak a word of Tagalog or English. He found himself doing odd jobs at a local market. One day he befriended a local peanut vendor. At that time peanuts were sold in sacks with their shells intact. He communicated to the Filipino mostly by sign language and by pointing. He convinced the Filipino to loan him the peanuts, open, cook them in oil, sell  and then pay him after. He earned well from this venture. Two Filipinos saw what the young Mr. Joseph was doing so they decided to sell peanuts as well. The two Filipinos soon also made a profit. Mr. Joseph did not change his frugal ways – always saving what money he earned. He remained honest and true with his dealings. On the other hand the two Filipinos soon relaxed with their peanut business and started to buy this and that, to drink and eat here and there. They wanted to double their profits on every sale. Not long after Mr. Joseph was able to save enough to start his own store. While on the other hand the two Filipinos who went into business found themselves bankrupt and not able to continue so they closed shop. Two other Filipinos saw how successful Mr. Joseph was with his store so they also put up their own stores. Mr. Joseph never changed his lifestyle, but kept on saving his money. The 2 Filipinos soon also earned from their stores, but had no discipline with their money. They individually got into gambling, cavorted women and spent their money as if there was no tomorrow. Soon after the 2 Filipino store owners closed their shop and went back to being employed. Mr. Joseph went into a hardware business soon after, into shipping and many businesses. He died a Billionaire.

            Now who do you want to be in this story?

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