Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Alpha State - Part 8 of 9

The Purpose

The purpose of this is to document what is the past, to analyze the present and present a better future. The Alpha state is such a powerful tool which can be used for good as well as for evil. The repercussions of these are evident.

If one only uses the mind and not the body and soul he will be a great thinker, but amount to only recording the past, criticizing the present and inventing the future. They are limited since they did not use their bodies and soul to reach greater heights. If you only develop the body you are like the star athlete, but after your career you retire dirt poor. Lastly, if you only develop your soul you will achieve great holiness, but will be limited to prayer to answer all problems of this world and not act to change it.

What I want to do is to release the Alpha state in everyone -- to develop the body, mind and soul of every individual to his or her potential. Is it impossible? No, nothing is impossible if one is trained and guided how to do it.

All of these are theories yet to be validated. The world is changing and it is getting smaller. Due to advances in science, technology and human relations we are at the forefront of a new dawn. New technologies like business networking sites, cash free shopping, flying cars, cash-less society and space exploration will come soon.

We cannot stop change in a changing world. We have to adopt or be left behind in the process. Connectivity on the internet will reach an all-time high. Those individuals who are able to change and adapt to the changing world will reap its benefits.

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