Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Alpha State - Part 7 of 9

Body, Mind & Soul – In and Out

The body is our physical being. What we eat and expose our bodies to is what our body becomes. Garbage in, garbage out. Do you feel tired and have low energy? It is because you have not trained your body not to feel tired. Can you run a marathon now? No, because you have not been trained to. A marathon runner did not start out running 42 kms. on his first day of practice. He gradually built-up his stamina and his muscles until such a time that he is able to finish the race. That is the same way with our bodies. We have to train it. We want to be fit we have to eat the right food with moderation and exercise. When we eat the wrong foods we are readying ourselves to sicknesses and diseases. It’s because our immune system gives out and the antibodies in our bodies is at an all time low. How do you think people in the provinces of Japan live over 100 years old? They primarily eat fish and vegetables - fresh fish, fresh vegetables & breathe non-polluted air.

The mind or brain is the control center of our body. “Whatever the mind can conceive the body can achieve”. Negativity in then negativity out. We are so much influenced by books, the media, television, and the internet. What do we feed our minds? Whatever we feed our mind is reflected in our body and soul or spirit. There will be manifestations of what we see, heard, smell and eat in our mind. The mind is very powerful but it also needs fuel to run. What we feed our bodies makes our mind weak or the opposite very strong. Everything is intertwined and connected. The brain is also a muscle. It also needs exercise. We need to work it to exhaustion for it to release its potential. Have you ever done a thesis, or a project, or a job with such a tight schedule? How were you able to finish it in just the nick of time? You used your body and mind to do that. How great you will be if you work starting today with a deadline…for the rest of your life. That is the Alpha State – reaching a higher state of being and controlling your mind and body to accomplish unbelievable acts.

Many in the past have used their body and mind to accomplish unbelievable acts like professional boxer, congressman and  businessman Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines. He started as a dirt poor boy from General Santos in the Philippines. Now is a billionaire admired the world over for his accomplishments in boxing, politics as well as in business. He might be the Philippines’ first boxer turned President if he wanted to. What is his secret? How did he become so successful? For one he had a mentor in his boxing coach Freddie Roach. Also, he had great people guiding him and advising him in his political as well as in his businesses. Lastly, he has his mother Donesia always praying for him. His faith or soul and body has brought him to the very top of his game both in his professional, personal and business life. What is missing still?

The soul is the very essence of our being- that which is invisible to the eye, but have moved mountains, divided nations and conquered the world. Faith in then faith out. We have great spiritual leaders like the Pope John Paul II, Mother Theresa, Mahatma Ghandi, and Mike Velarde in the Philippines. They have developed their soul using their mind to achieve nearly miraculous feats. They have inspired millions and even today their work has not been forgotten. They used their intellect to seek the mind of God and bring goodness to the world.

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